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Private Adoption Cats - Chewy & George

Chewy and George are 1&1/2 year old sister and brother cats. Chewy is a spayed female calico and George is a neutered male tuxedo cat. They both weigh approximately 8-10 lbs and are house-trained and up-to-date on their vaccinations.

These two poor cats were abandoned by their original owners and then adopted their current owners themselves about 14 months ago. Their current owners are moving and sadly can't take them with them to their new apartment. Chewy and George are good outdoor cats who like to explore, nap and play in the yard and around the neighborhood. They sleep both indoors and out.

Here's what their current guardian has to say about George and Chewy:

George & Chewy are inseparable, lovable cats. They are brother & sister and have never been apart from each other. George is adventurous and curious. He likes to hang out in the garden & inspect everything around him. Chewy is a little shyer, but is a total love bug when you earn her trust. She sticks closer to home and will sleep on you if you let her. She also loves to curl up in boxes for a nap. Both are playful and VERY FRIENDLY. They haven't had obedience training, but will come to you if you call their name or whistle. They understand the word "no" and will listen to you. Both cats are mostly outdoor cats, but will come inside for food or a nap. The ideal home would be a place that had a yard for them to roam around in & preferably with no other cats living with them. Kids would be great companions if they were kind & gentle. They dislike being held for LONG periods of time & will end the lap time or cuddling time when they have had enough. They LOVE being petted & talked to. George & Chewy are very special cats that deserve a good home.

Other details:

Chewy and George had some bad experiences early on with some kids in the house of their original owners, so they can possibly be a little scared of kids. However, they both LOVE to be petted and held if the person is gentle and calm.

They have been picked on by some other cats so would prefer to not have that drama in their lives, but if the other cats are friendly, they should be fine.

With proper introductions, they are ok with dogs if the dogs are kind and respectful.

For more information about Chewy and George, please call Christine or Adam at (707) 786-5263.

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