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Private Adoption Cat - Cleo

Cleo is a 5-7 yr old spayed female Siamese cat. She is house-trained and would prefer to go to a home with no other cats or dogs. She is ok with children but needs her space.

Cleo had a rough past and was abused as a kitten. As such, she hates water and towels. She is mostly a sweet tempered cat who enjoys curling up in sunny spots and watching what is going on around her. She does have a hard time when startled and will seek to be alone. She loves roast beef and playing outside. She loves to curl up and will often seek you out to comfort you when you are upset. She is a great companion and friend for a calm, quiet home.

For more information about Cleo, please call Naomi at 530-262-7753 or email lavenderraiyne@gmail.com


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