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Private Adoption Cat - Fuzzy

Fuzzy is a young black short haired neutered male cat. Fuzzy was abandoned and then survived the Klamath flood of 2005 with a permanent injury to his back leg. He has healed well but has slight difficulty with one back leg -- not so you would notice -- just how he uses it. He is sensitive on his back when he is petted. He is a very nice cat and gets along well with other cats. He likes dogs and used to be great friends with a Lab. He likes his canned food and is not picky about his dry food. He is an indoor cat but likes the outdoor enclosure. He really responds to verbal attention. He is a very cute cat with a sweet personality! He needs a stable and safe forever home.

If you would like to adopt Fuzzy, please call Lana at 707-482-0608 or email LanaAmana@aol.com.

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