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Private Adoption Cat - Ghost

He is a Flamepoint. Very cool looking buff color, brilliant blue eyes. He also has a goatee, and a "ridge" that runs down his back when he's bent over eating.

I have referred to him as "The Ghost" since he appeared on my back porch when he was about three months old. I called him this since all I would catch were fleeting glimpses of him. He is now between 7 and 8 months of age. I had to trap him and tame him slightly to get him to the vet. He is not, nor has he ever been, my pet. He's just a stray who deserves a good home. He has been fixed, and had his preliminary shots.

I have three old cats, and they are not taking to this energetic young boy.

He is friendly and affectionate, and uses the litter box well. He really, really loves any other cat...rubbing up against them, no matter how many times he gets swatted, hissed at, or scratched. HOWEVER, he does not respond well to anyone except me, and will benefit greatly from additional exposure to other people.

He is also extremely intelligent...he saw one of my cats use the cat door, and from seeing that just once, made a jail break. It took two days before I could get him back in.

I have been feeding him Science Diet Hairball Control, as he has an extremely plush, soft coat. He prefers dry food over canned. I have been supplementing with cooked meat.

He likes being brushed. He also loves attacking toes, playing with stuffed mice, and a sisal scratching post. I think the laser pointer is wearing out on him for now...will put that back in a drawer for a while.

I will be traveling soon, and my house sitter will not be able to stay in his assigned room and give him any attention. He is a cat that needs someone around...either another cat who likes him, or a human.

For more information, please contact Judy at 707-444-3725 or OnleeJudy@aol.com


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