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Private Adoption Cat - Jack

Jack is a neutered male long haired cat, approximately 5 years old and approximately 15 lbs. He is housetrained and good with kids and dogs, as long as they are good with cats. He is ok with other cats but would prefer to be the only cat in the household. A few years ago, Jack broke his jaw and has some difficulty chewing because of it, but he is fine with canned food.

Jack likes being brushed, and sitting on your chest and drooling while you pet him. He loves attention and loves his canned food. He likes to be the dominant cat in the household, but because of his broken jaw, he can't bite. He is a big lover and is good with dogs. He is fearless, having lived on his own for a while in the Willow Creek area before being rescued. He likes to sleep long hours and to guard his porch. He likes sunbeams and the outdoors.

Jack doesn't like being picked up but is good natured about it for a short time, and he's not interested in catnip. He will use the litterbox but greatly prefers to go outside instead.

If you'd like to know more about Jack and to meet him, please contact Merry Ann at 530-629-3379 or rattzo@aol.com




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