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Private Adoption Cat - Max

Max (Maximus) is a 7 year old neutered male dark Tabby Oriental Shorthaired cat. He weighs approximately 8 lbs and is housetrained. Max is good with kids, dogs and cats, as long as they are all friendly and kind to him. He is allergic to fleas and most of the topical flea treatments.

Max is a big fan of catnip and having his face rubbed. He likes having his sides rubbed while he eats and he likes cat treats and going outside to hunt. He is litterbox trained but prefers to go outside. He likes to be the dominant feline of the cats in the household but he will become friends with them. Anger in the household makes him nervous and unsure of himself. He likes to sleep on your feet at night, and on the back of the couch.

Max is very smart and is good at conveying his mood with his body language. He is good with kids if they are taught how to behave respectfully with a cat. He likes to play with a lazer pointer and roll around on his scratching pad. He'll bank off of furnature at full sprint and occasionally attack your feet (playfully) under the covers at night. He tends to have one favorite person in a multi-person household.

If you'd like to know more about Max and to meet him, please contact Merry Ann at 530-629-3379 or rattzo@aol.com




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