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Private Adoption Cat - Mutt

I am very sad to be in the position of not being able to give my 2 cats,
brothers Mutt and Jeff a good home anymore.

I am able to let Jeff outside when I am home, but Mutt will jump the
fence and go wandering......Fickle Hill is not a good place for him to
wander. He will be lunch, or hit in the road. So I cant let him out.
He is starting to be overweight.

I just cant let this go on and on. I love them, and will miss them
every day, but they deserve a human who can hold them. They were
brought up from kittens being held, and played with.

Please help me find a good home for these 2 guys. They are great cats.
Very personable, Jeff plays hide and seek. And Mutt will fetch..... on
and off.

They are 6 years old and very handsome. They have been care for by the
SunnyBrae Animal and have all their shots and stuff up to date.

For more information, please email Monica at mrshell@suddenlink.net




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