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Private Adoption Cat - Ramone

Ramone is a neutered male siamese mix who is approximately 1.5-2 years old and weighs around 10 lbs. He is housetrained and up-to-date on his vaccinations. Ramone tends to not like other cats but is generally friendly with people so he might be ok with kids. He is untested with dogs.

Ramone is a very affectionate kitty who will sometimes ride around on one's neck affectionately. He loves people and loves to play. He's a high-energy pet and loves playing with toys. Being part siamese, he is very smart and very vocal. The perfect home for Ramone would be a single cat owner (possibly a dog would be ok, depending on the dog). While Ramone generally gets along with other outdoor cats, he tends to challenge the hierarchy and cause strife when inside with indoor cats. He would likely be fine with school-aged children or older, as they'd have the energy to keep up with him. He is a beautiful cat who like to follow his owner around and be with his people.

Can you give him a good home? For more information, please contact Vicki at 707-839-5990 (evenings) or email vcw1@netzero.net


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