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Private Adoption Dog - Blue

Blue is a 10 year old, 75 lb, neutered male lab/hound mix. He is housetrained and somewhat good with other dogs and cats, though he occassionally growls at them. Not a lot is currently known about him, as he was abandoned by his former owner.

Here is what his current foster family has to say about him:

Blue is a friendly easy-going guy. He mostly sleeps but does like to play fetch and enjoys a good bone. He loves to eat.

He can be a bit stubborn sometimes. He is fixed, knows sit, lay down and stay but does them a little reluctantly.

Blue came to us because his owner abandoned his apartment with Blue in it. Blue was left inside for at least a week with no food.

When we contacted the owner he told us to take him to the pound. We have two dogs already, one of which we rescued just last month and who is very shy and still trying to adjust, so we can't keep Blue but wanted to give him a chance to find a loving home. He would be perfectly happy relaxing at your feet with a soft bed and a good bone to chew.

For more information, please call Holly at 707-496-3584 or email hollyvellis@gmail.com


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