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Private Adoption Dogs - Jay-Jay and Dusty

Jay-Jay and Dusty are two male purebred English Springer Spaniels. They are brothers and were born on April 25th, 2006. They are neutered, up-to-date on their vacinations, and each weigh approximately 50-70 lbs. As they have primarily been outdoor dogs, their level of housetraining is unknown. They are good with kids and with other dogs, but are untested with cats.

Jay-Jay and Dusty are friendly, good-natured, playful and obedient dogs. They are energetic and playful but also calm down quickly. They are used to running and playing together in the backyard during the day and then getting played with in the evening. Jay-Jay likes to chase balls and is the leader of the pair. Dusty tends to get carsick and follows Jay-Jay's lead. They both love to go on walks and are good family pets. As they are littermates and good buddies, they must be adopted together.

For more information on these two lovely, happy dogs, please call Tina at 707-293-4186 or email strombeckmom@yahoo.com


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