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Searching for a new furry friend? Click here for links to our many local rescue groups.

Need to list a dog or cat for Private Adoption? Download the form and contact Friends for Life's matchmakers here.

Private Adoption Dogs and Cats are now listed on our Facebook page.

See Friends for Life's Facebook Page

Dogs and cats listed on these pages are NOT FFL animals. These animals await adoption in the homes of their current guardians or in the homes of Good Samaratins who may have taken in a stray dog or cat with the intention to provide temporary shelter and find a home for the animal. We have provided these listings as a service to help the animals find new homes. If you are interested in any of the animals in these pages, please get in touch with the contact person indicated on each animal's profile. Friends for Life cannot provide any information beyond what is listed on their pages, nor do we guarantee the health, temperament or physical condition of the animals. The adoption of these animals is outside of our regular adoption process and occurs directly between the current owner of the cat or dog and the adopter.

If, after reviewing all the animals on the site, you do not find the dog or cat of your dreams, visit the Matchmaker page. You can let us know the type of animal, age, breed, etc., you are seeking and we will notify you if a cat or dog matching your description becomes available. Also, be sure to check with all the local shelters and rescue groups who also have wonderful animals seeking forever homes.

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