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Friends for Life Cat Foster Program

We bring homeless cats into the homes of our foster care volunteers, where they are loved and cared for until they can be placed in permanent homes. This unique approach allows us to provide very personalized care to each animal. Veterinary care is provided, as well as training and socialization.

We're always looking for more foster care volunteers, so please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page if you think you might be interested in helping out.

We work hard to place each of our cats in a loving, permanent home. We spend a lot of time and energy assessing the animals' needs and working on matching them with the right families.

The Adoption Process

It is our sincere wish to match each of the cats in our program with families that are perfect for them. We want our animals and our adopters to be happy with each other forever. We try to get to know potential adopters and counsel them to help them find the perfect cat for their family. The following is an overview of our adoption process:

  • Meeting with the cat. The potential adopter needs to meet the cat in person to see if they are truly interested in adopting. This can take place at one of our adoption events, at the foster parent's house, or at the potential adopter's house. Just give us a call to set up a meeting.
  • Adoption Application. The potential adopter must complete our adoption application. This provides us with basic information about the household that is helpful in determining whether or not the animal will be a good match.
  • Screening. Once we have received the application, the program coordinator screens the application and does the reference checks.
  • Home Visit. After the application has been reviewed and approved, a home visit is scheduled. This allows the applicant, the fosterer and the program coordinator to see how the cat reacts to the potential new home and how they interact with all members of the family.
  • Approval and Transfer. If all parties (applicant, fosterer and program coordinator) are in agreement that it seems like a good match, an extended visit (full day or overnight) is scheduled before the adoption is finalized. An adoption fee of $65 is collected and an adoption agreement is signed by the applicant; both are held by FFL until the end of the extended visit. If the visit goes well, the fee is deposited, the agreement is signed by FFL and the adoption is finalized.
  • Follow-up. Follow-up calls to the adopters are done to make sure that things are going smoothly and to assist with any problems or concerns. Referrals are made to our behavior counselor if needed. If at any time a placement does not work out, for whatever reason, the cat MUST BE RETURNED to Friends for Life.
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