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Many times we encounter people in the community who are doing remarkable work for animals in need on their own, or we follow a dog or cat from their abandonment into their forever home and beyond. With the permission of those involved, we will be using this page to share inspirational stories of the real heroes of rescue - those people who quietly, and out of the goodness of their hearts, refuse to pass by an animal in need and take them in, or adopt a special needs or hard to place animal and change not only that animal's life, but their own in the process.

Here are just a couple of those stories. Also be sure to visit the Success Stories pages to see more happy endings!

Saving Creole

Have you ever seen a dog in need and wondered what you could do to help, what you should do? Read about Creole and the couple who made the decision to take in an abandoned, pregnant dog and all the ups and downs they encountered on their journey by taking this link.


Sassy's Happy Ending

Sassy was a dog who was orphaned in February when her owner committed suicide. Thanks to the intervention of many, Sassy found her way to a wonderful forever home where she is thriving and living the good life. Take this link to read Sassy's story.

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