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Sassy's Happy Ending

In early February we were contacted regarding several animals who had been orphaned when their owner committed suicide. Kristen Kemp from FFL went to the trailer where he had been living and immediately took the two cats into foster care and with the assistance of the trailer park management people got the birds and reptiles to Fin & Feather where the staff cared for and rehabilitiated them in the hopes they can eventually be adopted out.

Sassy, an adult German Shepherd cross dog, was on a pillow in her late owner's bedroom and would not move. She was terribly depressed, upset and confused and had no idea who these people were who kept coming in and trying to make nice with her, fed her and coax her off the bed.

We immediately listed Sassy on our website and asked for help from Heather Muller of the Eureka Reporter, who did a story about Sassy which generated several calls from potential adopters who we began to screen.

Sassy was just so terribly sad. We were all worried about her future as we believed that if she went into a shelter, she would be even more traumatized and might not make it out. After several days of her being cared for out of the trailer by neighbors and FFL volunteers, we determined that the best thing for Sassy was to get out of that environment and into foster care with Linda Hall-Martin of FFL.

Linda screened several prospective adopters and arranged for them to meet Sassy. On February 10th Kevin and Kirk came to her home and spent well over an hour with Sassy. They have a 16 year old Lab and a 6 year old King Charles Spaniel and when they saw Sassy's picture in the paper they believed they could offer her a wonderful home. The meeting went very well and they decided they wanted to take Sassy into their family and the match Sassy so desperately needed was made. She jumped into the back seat of their car and her tail was wagging - a first since her former person died!

These days Sassy is thriving with her new family, living on a large piece of property and, best of all, she is happy! She talks, she plays, she loves her new brothers and her life with Kirk and Kevin. This poor dog who wouldn't leave the pillow for so many days now is an adored member of a new pack and all of us who had a small part in this are thrilled for Sassy. She is a very special dog who deserved a break and boy did she get it!

We want to thank Kristen and Linda for intervening in this situation and getting the animals to safe harbors when they needed it. We also want to acknolwedge the assitance of the wonderful people at Fin-N-Feather for taking in the birds and reptiles, Heather Muller from the Eureka Reporter, Tim Shreeve at the Farm Store for all his help and support and mostly to Kevin and Kirk who appeared at the right time in Sassy's life and opened their hearts and home to her.

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