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Karma and her brother, Kona, were picked up on a rural highway. Karma has a broken hip, likely from being hit by a car, but how her injury occurred will always be a mystery. She is a sweet young puppy, great temperament, who should have a full recovery from the surgery which will be performed the week of October 29th. Karma's brother, Kona, is available for adoption now at the Humboldt County Sheriff's Animal Shelter.

Willie - October 28 Update:
Willie is doing very well in foster care and is meeting potential adopters. He will be placed, we hope, by the end of the week. He has his follow up visit early in the week with the vet and once we have an "all clear" on Willie, he can go to his forever home.

On October 17 Eureka Police Department Officers were called to an apartment complex after neighbors heard an animal crying. They found this darling young puppy, probably 3-4 months old, who had been dumped in a trash bin, after he was sealed into a plastic bag. He had a severely broken leg (see x-ray below) and would have died a slow, painful death had his cries not been heard. How anyone can do this to a defenseless animal is beyond our understanding.

EPD contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff's Animal Shelter to see if they could help. EPD does not have the funds to provide the surgery this boy needs to have his broken leg repaired. Happily for this sweet dog, the Shelter has an emergency medical fund for animals just like him which Friends for Life administers and for which we raise money. Lt. Steve Knight authorized the surgery which the pup received at Sunny Brae Animal Clinic today where he was been named Willie by the staff.

About the FFL Shelter Emergency Medical Fund
Without this fund, dogs like Karma and Willie and others with severe injuries or life threatening diseases would routinely be euthanized, as there just isn't money in the county or city budgets for this type of treatment. Animals for whom the fund is used have severe injuries, but the vet has determined that with the proper treatment or surgery they will have a full recovery and be able to live a normal life and be adoptable.

Here's where you come in. The surgeries for Willie and Karma will be almost $2,000. Thankfully, and because of the outpouring of support in the community about Willie's story, there is enough in the fund to cover them, but that will pretty much empty the fund and we will need to fill it again. Dogs like these two puppies, and cats, too, come into the shelter frequently and the only thing between these animals and euthenasia is the money we can raise to save them via the Shelter Emergency Medical Fund.

If you can afford to send a little in for the next dog or cat who is picked up with a broken leg or hit by a car or has Heartworm or a hundred other medical conditions, then we can keep helping animals like Willie and Karma get the treatment they need. There is no exaggeration in saying that this fund means the difference between life and death for animals and you can make sure cats and dogs don't die needlessly with your contribution.

To donate to the Emergency Medical Fund to help with Karma's medical care, as well as for other abandoned animals with severe medical needs who are turned in to the Shelter, please send your tax deductible donations, payable to FFL, Shelter EMFund, to:

Friends for Life Animal Rescue
EMFund for Shelter Animals
Post Office Box 962
Eureka, CA 95502

On behalf of the animals who will receive a second chance at life because of your donation - thank you for caring!

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