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Happy Endings Like These Are the Reason We Work So Hard!

When we see a dog or cat find a wonderful home at one of our adoption events or via our Matchmaker or Foster Programs, it makes us so happy we can hardly stand it! To watch the animal's journey from being no one's loved boy or girl to a cherished family member inspires us and keeps us doing this good work. Below are pictures of some wonderful success stories we'd like to share with you. If you have adopted an animal from Friends for Life via our Foster Programs or from a private individual through our Matchmaker Program or at our adoption events, please send us a picture, let us know how he or she is doing and give us some information about you. We love hearing about the animals who are living wonderful lives in their forever homes and will post your pictures and stories on these pages.

Sara came into our lives in January 2008. Sara was on the Friends 4 Life website and was being fostered by a wonderful woman named Teresa. Sara had a rough life up until Teresa rescued her. She lived in LA in a tiny concrete back yard in full hot sun. Sara was not part of a family and had been isolated from people. They kept her as a breeding dog, she had 3 litters by age 3. Without social interaction Sara craved attention and love. When Teresa rescued her and brought her to her home in Humboldt County, she spent many intensive months rehabilitating her into the perfect dog. When Teresa picked us for Sara's permanent home we felt like we had won the lottery. Teresa is an amazing person and gave us a priceless gift. We are so in love with Sara--she couldn't be a better fit for our family. We feel so blessed everyday to share our lives with her. She is so much a part of the family that I could never imagine our lives without her. We are so grateful and thankful to Teresa and Friends 4 Life for bringing us together.
The Tully Family

Tiger Lily was found as a neglected 8 week old stray. She went into foster care with a FFL volunteer, was spayed and vaccinated and then adopted a few weeks later by Ben, pictured below. Tiger Lily won't have to worry about a lack of food, love or attention ever again!

I adopted Duke in May of 2007 after seeing his picture on the internet. We love him so much and don't know what we would do without him. Since then we have adopted a sister for Duke as well, from Miranda's Rescue. Her name is Dazey and we are one big happy family. Thank you for everything that you do! - Monica

I adopted my puppy Allie during the Sept. 10, 2005 Farm Store Pet Fair. Just for fun I went to your website the other day and saw our picture posted in your success stories. I have attached a couple of recent pictures of her. She has turned into the prettiest, kookiest, greatest dog ever. She gets to go with me nearly everywhere including the University of Michigan biology labs from time to time. She gets to play with our other dogs Pete and Lucy in the snow all the time. I try to use up some of her energy by using her as my running partner.  We trained together for the Detroit Marathon this past fall and she ran up to 23 miles with me on some days with lots of creek breaks.  We have started up again training for the Boston Marathon, but most of it is in the snow, which she loves.  Pete and Lucy get to go on the shorter runs as they’re not quite cut out for long distances.  I remember that adoption day perfectly.  I wanted to wait a few more months before getting a puppy/dog, but at soon as I saw her I knew it was all over. Thank you, Heather

Tumbleweed, aka "Tummy", above right, was adopted recently and now lives a wonderful life with his new big brother, Mischief. We received the following email from their mom, Gen, recently:

He is truly the perfect kitty for us. Can't believe how well he and Mischief are getting along. They run back and forth and tumble around and tussle all day, and we have two big kitty furnitures now that they climb up and hang from and do ambush attacks out of. Tummy is still playing fetch if I can get him when Chief is sleeping and not distracting him from the game. Chief sleeps each night curled up in Trevor's hair and Tummy sleeps on my pillow. He enjoys doing fire drills, running from the kitty furniture to my lap and up onto my desk as fast as he can! Then after he gets his pets and makes sure I am not doing anything interesting like eating (he still needs to learn good table manners - we have to watch our food closely with him around!), he sprints back down the hall and up to the top of his furniture.

Hope you are well, and thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I'll send new pics whenever I have a new stack!


We LOVE getting emails and pictures from our adopters!

Dear Kristen,

Here are some pictures we took of Sheila/Sparkle in her new home with her
brother cat Tobias and her sister cat Antigone. The adoption is going very well. She is a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you!

Maleah is a sweet pit cross who happens to be deaf. She was slated to be put down because she was deemed not adoptable because of her deafness. Kristen from FFL took hear in as a private foster and taught Maleah to respond to commands in sign language. Stuart met Meleah and a match was made! Maleah goes everywhere with Stuart and is learning more signs and thriving with his love and understanding.

Silver is a loving, adult cat who recently found his wonderful forever home! Silver's former family had to move and could not take him with them. They tried really hard to find him a new home. Eventually he became a FFL Foster Cat and met his new mom and dad shortly thereafter.

It was love at first sight when J.P.'s new mom, Cindy, finally met him after she first saw his online listing weeks before. J.P. showed up as a 5 week old stray at our County Shelter and after three months in foster care he is now in his forever home in Walnut Creek with another dog, four cats and a loving mom and dad. Congratulations to everyone! We'll miss J.P.'s sweet face and wonderful nature but know he's happy and well loved in his perfect home!

Butch was slated to be put down when his owner died and the family left the area. A friend of the family took Butch in and moved him through a series of temporary homes until he was adopted at last by his new parents who love him very much. A big thanks to everyone who helped Butch get to his people and forever home - well done!!

At Fin-N-Feather's fall celebration on September 30th, we had many adoptable cats and kittens out to meet and greet the public. Five kittens found wonderful homes and the pictures here are two of the happy families who adopted that day. A big thanks to Fin-N-Feather for not only allowing us to bring out adoptable animals at events like this, but also for letting our foster cats and some private adopt kittens spend their days in the store to get more exposure to potential adopters. So many cats and kittens are finding homes thanks to their generosity!

Hannah is a special needs kitty (she has 3 legs) who was adopted by Kellen and Randy. These wonderful folks are already parents to a dog who is deaf and blind and a cat with one eye. They adopt animals that need a lot of TLC and enjoy making their lives full and happy again. We are so thrilled that Hannah found such a wonderful home to call her own after being abandoned by her former person. We love happy endings and this one is very special indeed!

Former FFL Foster Cat Jade with her new guardian, Samantha
August has been an outstanding month already for our amazing Cat Foster Program Coordinator Kristen! After an excellent article in the Arcata Eye featuring Kristen's program and describing the plight of black animals and how they are usually the last ones adopted, people have been coming forward to meet some of our great foster cats and many of the private adopt kittens listed on our Nursery Page. Here are two of the people who have adopted black cats or kittens. Please remember this when you are adding a new dog or cat to your family and give extra consideration to black animals!

Dawn with her new kitten, Samantha

Former FFL foster dog Primus and his person Kevin, enjoy a day in the snow recently. This big sweet boy is living the good life with two other dogs and many, many cats. Primus is a true FFL success story thanks to the devotion and dedication of his foster parents, Kristen and Kevin, who adopted him in January.

Buddy recently found a fantastic forever home with Dian and Doug. Buddy is enjoying spending time in his mom's upholstry studio during the day and with his dad watching TV at night. He is getting along quite well with the kitties and has brought much joy to his new family already.

Lily was a private adopt puppy who got a wonderful home in early March. Pictured with Lily here is Caitlin, the daughter of Lily's new mom, Lauron. In a note to Lily's former foster mom, Lauron says, "Lily is the smartest, cutest puppy in the world!" We agree and wish them a long, happy life together!

Here's Luca, a former FFL foster dog, romping through the snow in Tahoe. Behind Luca is his new sister, Mooshu. Luca was adopted by Matt and is living a wonderful life with lots of fun in the out of doors.

Wanda (left) and Joe (far right) adopted Shawn the black lab at our February Mega Adoption Event! Wanda and Joe do a great deal of cat rescuing and have saved 18 cats and kittens who were abandoned near the mill where Joe works. All the cats and kittens have been fixed and made healthy by this remarkable couple who then found great homes for them. Wanda and Joe are an example of people in our community who can't leave animals in need to fend for themselves and we think they are two very special people. Shawn is one lucky dog to become part of their family. We wish them years of happiness together!

Maliki is a wonderful, gentle and loving dog who was looking for a family to belong to him and the Sandige family was a perfect match! This is their first dog and they wanted a well behaved dog to take for walks and be part of their family. Sheryl wrote us: Thank you for making available private adoptions through Friends for Life. It allowed us to adopt the perfect "forever dog."

Ollie and Zoe are litter mates who were adopted by Lisa and her family at one of our Pierson's events in spring of 2005. How cute are these babies???

Stewie was found abandoned at a rest stop on Highway 299. Luckily for him, Stacey couldn't leave him there and he fit nicely in her jacket for the ride home on the back of a motorcycle. Stewie was fostered by Stacey and later her mom until Melissa and her family adopted him and made him a treasured member of their family. Below is a picture of Melissa's daughters enjoying the summer with Stewie at their cabin. Stewie's come a long way thanks to Stacey, her family and all the people who worked to get him to his forever home. Well done!

Donna and her granddaughter pose with Taffy, a poodle/otterhound puppy she adopted at Friends for Life's November 5 Mega Adoption Event at Redwood Acres.

Meet Lizzy (the black and white kitten on the left) and Jake (right) lounging happily in their forever home. Jake was taken in by Kristen, our Cat Foster and S/N Coordinator, after a FFL volunteer found him emaciated, full of worms and in horrible shape abandoned on the side of a road. Those of us who saw Jake early on feared he would not make it. However, with Kristen's excellent care and lots of love, and Lizzy's good care, too, Jake rallied and became a wonderful, happy little guy. To add to our joy, Lizzy and Jake were adopted together. May these kitties have long, wonderful lives together!

Friends for Life had an extremely successful adoption day on September 10, 2005!  The Farm Store's Fall Pet Fair was a huge success with wonderful weather, lots of attendees and plenty of animals for potential adopters to choose from. Friends for Life helped 6 puppies, 4 kittens and 2 adult cats find forever homes that day and got the word out about our programs and services to lots of people. We enjoyed visiting with other rescue groups, seeing the vendors and kissing and hugging a lot of dogs and cats. Below you will see some of the people who added a furry family member to their homes that day. A big thank you to Tim and all the hard working staff of the Farm Store who put on this great event!

This lucky little pup is now the grown up girl on the right with her doggie sister and happy parents!

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